Former NFL Player Warrick Dunn Donates 173rd Home to Single Mom That’s Fully Furnished

Former NFL Player Warrick Dunn Donates 173rd Home to Single Mom That’s Fully Furnished

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers gave a new house to a single mother and her 18-year-old son. While former player Warrick Dunn of Tampa Bay Buccaneers has long since retired from professional football, he has still found a way to bring smiles to Florida families. According to the Tampa Bay Times, Dunn gifted single mom LaToya Reedy and her 18-year-old son a fully furnished two-bedroom home in St. Petersburg on Tuesday through his non-profit, Warrick Dunn Charities, and a partnership with Habitat for Humanity.

I can be at home now as a homeowner, “LaToya, 39, told the newspaper after first walking home.

Reedy was struggling to pay the bills as a nursing assistant before getting the keys to her new place. She and her brother, AnTrez Reedy, have been sleeping on the bed for two years in the bedroom they shared in the house of their dad.

“I can be at ease,” she said of the particular moment to the Times. “I will carry my house of sweet memories, and I can have my family and friends visiting. I’ve got a home now, and that’s something I’ve always done for my son and myself. “LaToya said,” It was a long, hard journey. “Battle and suffer, but we’ve earned it.”

But this is not the first time Dunn, 44, has supported a single mother in her first house. In reality, LaToya is now Dunn’s foundation’s 173rd recipient of a house.

When his wife, Betty Smothers, was lost her life at age 36 during a burglary, a few days before Dunn was set to turn 18, the former football player was motivated to support other single mothers.

After that, Dunn took care of his other five children, carrying in his mom’s other duties as a single parent.

“You have no other alternative than to grow. It was no doubt just about going to school or playing soccer, “Dunn said to PEOPLE earlier. “My life was about five men,” he said. “She was caring, kind, supportive, thoughtful.” “She was all that I needed in my girlfriend. I feel my mother’s superfemale.

According to the Times, in the homes he’s donated, Dunn always leaves a memento that reminds him of his mother— an apple pie that was her favorite.

“As a treatment, I used this software,” Dunn told the newspaper. “There’s a little bit of my mom and the stuff she needed every time I turn over those keys.”

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